Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hello Everyone

Sorry I have been away for a while. It's a busy month for me because it is my youngest son's birthday, he is 6 years old and you know how it is to organize birthday parties. Besides I have been very busy with my scrapbook business and classes thank God.

I had my endoscopy and everything was fine, I think my nausea were because I ate some shrimps and maybe one of them wasn't so good.

Anyway it was worth to check everything out.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

I'm not doing very good with my weight loss, I'm having a hard time I don't know why, but not loosing almost anything. I don't want to be discourage, I will keep trying and doing what I have to do, next week I will see Dr. Pehrrson and he will tell me what to do.

I will post more as soon as I know.

Love you all


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