Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Still doing good

Wow! This time it's been a little harder, I have been doing great but if you ask me, yes it's been harder, I don't know why but my brain seems to be stuck in the I love fried foods,LOL,
so yes it's been hard to fight against it, besides with the kids off school, my brother visiting and so many friends coming over for dinner, bbq's etc, etc, it's hard to follow any diet, but I did it, ok almost all the time, I have to recognize that I sinned a couple of times, but it was only for brain sanity.

I've lost 20 pounds or more so far, I saw Dr. Pehrsson yesterday and he said I'm doing really good, he said that after a revision surgery, people loose weight slower, so I'm doing good, I'm on solids now, phase 5 and I'm really afraid of messing my pouch again, so I'm taking it easy.

I've also been doing a lot more exercise than the first time, I've been walking a lot and I started dancing Zumba, oh and also riding my new bike, so that should also help.

Wish me luck..!

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