Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Inches, inches and more inches....

Hi Everyone:

I'm not sure how many pounds I am now because I always forget in the mornings to get on the scale before eating anything and wearing only my undies, so I have been skipping it for a week or so, but last Saturday I went to buy a nice blouse to wear on my friends birthday party and even I was surprised of what happened.

I was looking for a sexy one to wear and I came across of this cutie I'm wearing, the only problem was the sleeves, no sleeves at all and with my ugly floffy (is it a word?) arms I needed something to cover them, so I tried size 22/24, no no, too big, I tried size 18/20, still too big, so I tried 14/16 thinking that it was too small, and VOILA...!!! it was perfect....

I came out of the store, feeling soooo great, that I would like to go shopping again soon, I can still remember those times when my Mom used to go shopping for myself, yes, believe it or not, I was so fat that I couldn't find any clothes to fit, because in Mexico we don't have special sizes stores, it's just regular sizes like the XXL and that's it, so my Mom used to go to the store, buy a bunch of shirts, a few leggins, came home where I was waiting for her, tried the clothes on and some of them fitted.

Every time I went to a store, I came out upset and sad, and of course I didn't like to go shopping, so for me this feeling is totally new, if you know what I mean.

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