Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Plateau is Over--- Yippee!!!!!


 I think at last I start loosing weight again, I was 267 lbs and now I'm 262lbs. Hopefully this will be the end of the problem.

I went yesterday to buy an outfit for a party that we have on Saturday and I was soooooo happy, because from  size 5X I went to 1X. I couldn't believe it, the lady at the big sizes clothes told me, "Yes Mrs. Kaplan, you should start believing it, you drop down almost 50 lbs, you are thinner now" 

And you know what guys, it felt so good, that I would do it again 100 times.

I push the plateau off of my life I think, I started again having cream of wheat for breakfast, and lots of water, oh and also started taking again religiously my water pills.

I think that it really was water retention, because even my face looks smaller.

Whatever it was I feel awesome, and renovated to keep going.

Wish me luck.

More soon 


p.s.  If you read my blog and are having or had a similar surgery, please let me know, I'm doing this for you guys, and the feed back is encouraging. 

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