Thursday, January 28, 2010

After the Holidays

The Holidays went by and I gained 5 pounds, some of you will say, well I also gained 5 pounds, but not with a Gastric Bypass, I should have not only not gained any but lost a few.

The truth is that I didn't behaved, my family came over and I chowed, why? Well first of all because I have had always a will power problem and second of all because there is something wrong with my pouch.

Yes, I think that either it's enlarged or the entrance or exit from it is wide open or something, but I can eat the same amount of food that my husband does and I'm ok, I will say full, but not vomiting, and it shouldn't be like that.

I'm now like just before the surgery, the same capacity, why I don't know but I'm like that.

My doctor said that it wouldn't be worth it to do a revision surgery cuz that will give me an extra 20 pounds down, and doesn't consider that enough. I really think that the insurance won't pay for the second or "revision" surgery and that is why he doesn't want to do it.

The reason that I'm saying this to you, is so you make sure that if you are planning to have this surgery, make them explain to you that in some cases the surgery just doesn't work as it supposed to. That is what he told me, can you believe it? after 1 year and a lot of effort and money, he said sometimes it happens, and why he didn't tell me that in the first place?????

Anyway, I don't want to quit form your decision, most of the time, it does work, with me worked a little, and I'm planning to go for those 20 pounds, I'm not sure how, but I will.

In the meantime what I'm doing and it seems to work, is I fill my stomach with turkey slices and strawberries, with one bar of light string cheese and my shakes, and water, oh and some coffee (I can't live without it), I'm loosing some pounds, slowly and not very many, but at least I'm not gaining, the effort is double, cuz my stomach is always hungry.

Wish me luck, I will keep you posted.


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