Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A revision surgery

Finally and after gaining some weight, and fighting with my surgeon and waiting and waiting, I got the date for my revision surgery, I'm just waiting for my cardiologist approval and that's it.

They need to re shape the stomach and close the esophagus and the canal that goes to the intestine so the food stays in the stomach and makes me feel full instead of allowing me to eat, and eat and eat, without feeling that I had enough.

In the meantime, I need to loose some weight! Can you understand that? If I could loose weight without the surgery, what would I want the surgery for?????

Anyway, they told me I need to loose as much as I can before the surgery that is set for June 24, 3 days before my youngest son's birthday, I know poor guy he is going to spend the day in the hospital with mom.

They told me that this surgery will be a little more risky than the first one, because they will staple the stomach on top of the other staples, and if that happens, then they will have to go back in and fix it. They will keep me in the hospital for at least 3 days this time.

If you are planning to have this surgery, make sure you ask all the questions, even the most absurd ones, like if the stomach will regenerate and got together again, that is something that my endoscopist Dr. Patel told me, I didn't know that was possible, but he said that they have seen cases where the stomach gets back together again....

Also it is very important that in your first year you loose at least 100 pounds, that and I don't know exactly why it is the clue to the success.

One of the reasons that my surgeon told me my second surgery wouldn't be worth it is that I "only" lost 70 lbs on the first year, and he said that doing the second surgery would only help me loosing another 20 lbs or so....

Isn't that silly? well even for another 20 lbs it is worth it for me. Now and after my cardiologist Dr. Soldo, talked to him, he agreed to do the surgery and told me that it should help me loosing the rests of the weight I need to loose, I'm calculating another 80 or 90 lbs.

I will start with my tests again, the only thing that I will skip is the endoscopy, I already had two, so they don't need to see my insides again.

Wish me luck for the Eco Cardiogram that I'm having on 4/13/10 everything depends on that.



Veronica Labastida said...

Hello Girlfriend... dont feel sad .. I am sure you are going to make it little by little .. I know is hard.. but you already whent through a lot .. so, no matter what put in you mine that you are going to loose those pounds that you need. You are a very strongh girl .. and I wish you the best in your coming cirugy all the good I am sending you lots and lots of good energy.. I love you and I know in fact that everything is going to be just ok .Good Luck My Dear Friend.. and keep me posted ok.

Christina said...

Thank you Veronica, I will be fine, and this time I will do my best to shed all those pounds, and then we can go out to wear our bikini.

Love you too.