Friday, April 29, 2011

Even more inches...

It is amazing how things can start changing from one day to another.

I have been stuck on the same weight for a few months, well that is what I think, going one pound up, one pound down, but I know that is not the weight, but water and all of a sudden I started shrinking, don't ask me how.

The thing is that not even my clothes are big for me again, Yay!!!! but I also started looking thinner and that makes me feel so good.

Even my husband that usually doesn't say anything, started to look at me and say, "Wow sweetie you look hot" and I can tell you that when you start getting comments like those you feel so good.

I even walk in a restaurant or a bar with my husband and other guys are already looking at me (he doesn't like that) but I do. LOL.

So even if the scale say the same weight, I know that something is happening and my life is still changing.

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