Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother's Day Celebration

Hello Everyone:

I had a fantastic Mother's Day. I thought it was going to be hard with all that food around me, but it really wasn't.

We had a BBQ at my Mother in Law's and I even was able to sit with my family and chat while they ate and I drank my protein drink.

I took my small Tupperwares with the things that I could eat. I started pureed foods today, so this morning I made a yummy soup with chicken and veggies, then I blended it and that was it.

I also took some mashed potatoes, just in case, but I didn't even try it.

My Mother in Law made a jell-o that is a real blast, and I had a little tiny bit, I couldn't even had a table spoon of it, but it helped me with the cravings. It's full of sugar.

So I had fun, I saw my family. (The first time after the surgery) everyone said that you can tell that I'm loosing weight and that my face looks hydrated, and that made me happy.

I even liked the pictures that they took of me, this never happened before. LOL

Anyway. Thanks for reading my blog, and see you soon

Happy Mother's Day again.


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