Saturday, May 3, 2008

Not Every Day


I decided to check my weight every day but not register daily, instead I will register every two or three days because the last three days have been pretty scary for me.

I was in 288.8, the next morning and after a day of effort following my diet I was 289.6, (I freaked out) and the following one I was on 291 lbs, so after trying to analyze what has been happening with me, I realized that it is that I put some salt on my vegetables juice and that made me retain water, Dr. Soldo, my cardiologist, reduced the amount of water pills that I have been taking for a few years so my body started retaining water, and that was the extra weight that my scale registered.

Now I'm back on my water pills and the weight started to go down, I'm on 289.2.

That is nice. I'm happy again.


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