Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Mom is Coming !!!!


Yepeeeee!!!!! I'm so happy because finally the Doctor authorized my Mom to go on trips, and of course she picked come to visit her princesses. (Yeah right, she is coming to see her grandchildren)

Anyway I don't care what she is coming for; The time that she will spend with me in my house I will enjoy her very much because I really, really missed her.

The good thing is that now I can walk a lot more (I don't get tired as much) and we are going to be able to go shopping and stuff (yeah right again, just remember the gasoline prices)

I will post some pictures of her visit, so you can see how beautifull we are and how good all those illnesses did to us. hahahaha.

This picture of her is from last year. I can't believe that it is almost a year without seeing her.

Keep reading and I will keep writing. See you soon.


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