Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Three Month Appointment

Hello Everyone:

I went to Dr. Pehrrson for my 3 months appointment
I was very concerned because I had just lost 7 pounds in a month.

Dr. Pehrrson said that I need to check closely what I am eating, I need to do a food dairy and fax it to the nutritionist to find out what is going out.

He also said that some times the body needs some time to settle down but at the same time I have been loosing some inches (a lot) so I'm less worried.

I posted these two pictures that we took on Tuesday, it's me with Ryan my 6 year old son. and one with my very best friend Nancy.

I feel a lot better as you can see on my face.

I'm starting to use skirts and hills, not very high because I'm tall and I don't need them, but my mood is getting better every day so I feel more like getting a little more girly than before.

I also need to buy some more clothes soon, because even the new ones are getting too big.

Thank you for reading

See you soon.


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