Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finally At Home

Yes Yes Yes! I'm at home!

And I'm not sure if that is better or not. At the hospital I was feeling good, of course I was on Morfin all the time, but since I got here I have had pain and I feel so weird. I was ready and waiting for my husband at the hospital and when he got to my room we started taking and he showed me a picture that Dr. Pherrson gave him right after the surgery. It's a picture of one of my ovaries that has a big "huge" tumor. Dr. Pherrson told David that it can be benign, but that we need to check with my gynecologist.
Dr. Soldo said the same, but he said that whatever it is we will need to

wait for a while to have any procedure.

My Time at home hasn't been very good, at night my bed seems to be harder than what I thought (it is a soft matres) and I have to be all night in one position (facing up) because if a turn to one side my stomach hurts, so I stayed facing up and then my back hurts a lot. Of course I have the problem of my broken ribs during the Heart Surgery, maybe that is why I am so uncomfortable. You have to consider that I also had the Heart Bypass only three years ago, and believe it or not, I'm still recovering, so it's harder for me, but for any of you will only be the gastric bypass, so it'll be easier.

I just woke up from my first night at home and I'm all sore, taking my medications (for my heart) has been a pain, because I think that with the breathing tube they hurted my through and it's been really hard to swallow the pills. I smash them but they taste terrible, I will need to find another way to take them.

I feel bad, I don't know what I need to do, I want to go to bed and at the same time I want to drink something, I'm so uncomfortable. I think I will go to the rest room, I'll write more later, I'm not good now.

The pictures are nurse Valerie, and the Volunteers that took me to the car.

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