Friday, April 25, 2008

How I Feel

Today is the 9th day after the surgery and I'm 292.6 lbs, I'm still wearing my same clothes, they are not looser or anything, they might be a little, but not much.

I can see a small difference on my belly and also on my face, and my friends at Ryan's school said that you can see the difference in my face. It's also my mood, now I feel happy and fine, but most of all healthy.

Every day is easier to follow the diet, it's like I'm getting used to it, the last two days I haven't had any cravings.

My son Ryan is right here sitting on my lap and reading what I type, now he is laughing out loud. LOL

I'm back to my full day activities, they are not that many though, but I'll start going out on walks with my friend Maria and I'm back at my scrapbook classes.

I already finished one container of the protein drink, I re-order them, that will be a little too expensive because I finished one and a quarter container in 9 days and they are not cheap $54.95 each plus tax plush Shipping, so you can imagine.

I hope I won't need them for the rest of my life. I don't know. I have a bunch of doubts, I hope to clarify them on Tuesday that I'm seeing my surgeon.

My stomach is fine, still some cramps but not very many. I think most of the air is out because it doesn't look bloated anymore. My wounds are still licking a little bit of fluid, it's a pain on the neck to go out because I need to put a small towel on top of the wound that is dripping, otherwise I will get soaked.

That is another thing that I want to ask Dr. Pherrson, Is this stopping soon? I can't wait for June, on June 11th my 5 phases would be over and I hope a lot of my weight gone, and then the summer, swimming suits, pool, etc. etc. I can't wait to see myself thinner. I dream with it every night. I will keep dreaming until the day is finally here.

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