Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm Driving !!!!!


I decided to call Dr. Pherrson's office to ask about driving and I'm happy I did, I talked to Shannon, one of the girls in charge of the patients and she said that if I'm not taking my Vicodin anymore and I'm feeling good, there is no reason to refrain from driving.

So guess what... Yes I went out, shopping of course (hey I'm a girl) and I drove straight to Mitchael's. I don't want to buy new clothes yet, besides I still can wear mines, so I went to get some glitter that I needed and a few other things that got on my way LOL.

I walk through the store twice, (that was my daily walk) and to be honest when I got out I was feeling really tired, besides the walking inside the store, I parked the car the fardest I could from the entrance, that way I force myself to walk (before I tried to park right in front of the door).

This are some of the old habits that I want to break, I need to start living a new life in all senses, and I'm willing to do it.

Today I'm 293.6 and I feel great, next Tuesday I'll start with phase 3, and that is a little less hard, they incorporate vegetable cream soups, yogurt, custard, and thing like that, some new flavours, everything will still be blended and strained but it's ok.

I need to order new protein supplements already, it's amazing how fast the containers got empty.

If you keep reading, I'll keep posting so see you soon.


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