Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pre-Surgery Testing

After the Seminar, I had an appointment with Dr. Pehrsson at his office, I talked to him about my fears and more or less what the procedure would be, of course everything was clear from his seminar.

I was still pending with my insurance, nevertheless, I started with the pre surgery testings.

They gave me a bunch of papers with all kinds of prescriptions;

  • Fasting Labs
  • Endoscopy
  • Abdominal Ultra Sound
  • Mammogram
  • Chest X-Ray
  • EKG
  • Sleep Study
  • Pulmonary Clearance
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Psychological Clearance
  • Cardiac Clearance
Of course they gave me a prescription for each one of them and I started right away...

The Endoscopy

To be honest, everything sounded easy for me, I'm used to have doctors around me all the time. The only test that was giving me a little bit of chills was the endoscopy, for that reason I left it to the very end. I didn't wanted to have the endoscopy until my insurance said a 100% yes and I was completely sure that I was going to have the surgery.

Dr. Pherrson's office sent me to Dr. Shirish C. Patel, he is a general surgeon and specialized Gastroenterology and Endoscopy

Dr. Shirish Patel is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at USC in Los Angeles. His specific interests are in laparoscopic surgery, colorectal surgery, breast surgery, and gastrointestinal endoscopy.

Dr. Patel has been in practice in the San Gabriel Valley for the past 29 years and is on staff at San Gabriel Valley Medical Center, Arcadia Methodist Hospital, and Huntington Memorial Hospital.

When I made my appointment with Dr. Patel, I told the lady that I wanted to be put to sleep no matter what. I had a reason for that.... I won't be able to do it without gagging or chocking. She said that if I pay for the anestesiologist I would be put to sleep.

The day of my appointment on Saturday March 29th, I got to Dr. Pattel's office with my husband David, I was really scared but inside of me thinking that I was going to put out to sleep, until I double checked with the nurse and she said that she didn't understand why but that it wasn't going to be like that. She said "don't worrie" but I really got worse, now I was freeking out!!

Dr. Pattel came to see me and he has such a sweet face that he made me feel better. Finally they took me inside the "operating room" and they made me lie on my left side, they told me they put a medicine in my vein and that I would get asleep, Dr. Pattel told me "Don't worrie, I won't start until you fall asleep" and he started talking to me about Hawaii and I couldn't even answer his first question, I felt asleep, and when I woke up everything was over. I didn't feel a thing. I was so happy, and everything was over!

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