Saturday, April 12, 2008

Taking the Desition

Dr. Stephen J. Soldo talked to me and told me I needed to loose the weight or I will be in big problems. I tried making the insurance cover the procedure, but it was always considered a cosmetic procedure. Dr. Soldo sent letters and letters to the insurance explaining why I needed the procedure and they kept denying it.

We waited for a few months and we decided to switch insurance.

Thank God, I was in my husband's office group, otherwise no insurance company would have insured me. LOL

Our insurance covers the 70% (Blue Cross) and we will pay for the rest. so the next step was to see the surgeon.

Dr. Soldo sent me to see Dr. Pherrson, he does the Laparoscopic procedure (3 or 4 small incisions on the abdomen and that's it.

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