Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Starting Phase Two

I'm so much better now, even when I didn't sleep very much because my sleep apnea was bad last night, (usually I don't even notice it at home, I know I have it because I was diagnosed when I visited the pulmonologist for the pre-surgery tests) but they took out the blather catheter that by the way wasn't painful at all (I was afraid of it), and believe it or not the best part is to be able to wear my underwear again.

I'm also starting phase two, I'm drinking 4 ounces of clear liquids an hour; that means JUICES!
and after 24 hours of drinking only water they taste great.

I have to dilute it with water, but still it has a great flavour.

One of Dr. Pherrson's Staff Doctors came to see me and she said I might be going home today. I thought I will need to have a bowel movement, but they told me is not always like that, anyway I took a second walk around, and that made me feel like going, so I'm waiting...

The pain has been mild, of course I'm on "Morfin" and as soon as it wears off the pain gets bad.

I took a picture of my wounds, they are not bad, don't freak out ! and the best part is that they don't hurt at all.

The only pain is the one inside, it's like the feeling that you have when you are bloated, just like that; It is just a little harder but that's it.

Of course this is with the pain killer medicine. I really haven't try it without the meds.

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