Wednesday, April 23, 2008


It's been a while since the last time I was in the two hundreds!!!! I'm so happy, and it hasn't been so hard. Not at all. It's really worth it.

Let me clarify that I didn't lost 5 pounds in one day (I don't think I did) What happened is that I finished with my monthly girls issue, and I'm not retaining that water, besides the air that they pumped in for the surgery, is almost all out.

Today the Nutritionist from Dr. Pherrson's Office called me for the first week check up and guess what, I'm taking only half of my protein, (it is complicated) I supposed to drink 80 to 90 grams of proteins a day that will make 36 ounces of the protein shake, and I was only taking hardly 16 oz. a day. Now I will be drinking that most of the day, no wonder why I had head aches all day.

Next week on the 29th I will be seeing Dr. Pherrson, and I hope he will let me drive, my poor David (my husband) has been working really hard. He goes to work at 7, comes back at 11 to take Ryan to school, comes back at 3 to pick the kids from school, and he goes back to work. Besides he has been working really hard in the house and with the kids.

Now I feel a lot better. The licking of my wounds almost gone for good, they just itch a lot, I guess they are healing. I need to start doing some exercise, I wish the weather were a little hotter, and I'll be swimming all day LOL.

I'm trying to walk, keep forgetting though, it's hard to break with old habits, I used to spend my days on the computer, or doing cards, always sitting down, I WAS (Oh God it sound so good) so heavy that it was hard to walk. Now only 18.6 lbs less, I feel a lot better.

I wonder how would I feel after loosing all the weight. Would I feel like flying?? LOL

Thanks for reading my blog!
See you soon!!!


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