Friday, April 18, 2008

The Second Day at Home

The first picture is before the surgery and the other one is today

In some aspects, today was a little better, I woke up with the same problem on my back and so upset because all night long I had to sit down every hour to relax my back or my side, and I hardly slept. Oh my God! I miss so much the hospital bed.

After waking up and starting to take my medications one by one (I mixed half pill with one zip of protein drink that was less awful) I went to sit down on the family room, I had a bad head ache and nothing works to get rid of it.

I started registering every sip that I take because I have to drink still 2 oz of liquid every half an hour. That is hard! you can't stop, you have to be drinking all the time in little sips.

Thanks God now I have a little more variety; The protein drink (banana or vanilla), jello (sugar free in all the flavours I could find) chicken bouillon, juice (apple and cranberry) and water. So I can't complaint that much.

I weighted myself yesterday. Before the hospital I think I was 311 lbs, now I am 304 lbs and I still have all that air inside, I hope that the air is giving me some extra weight.

My belly is still very bloated, and the bruces are worse, it hurts inside when I don't have my medicine on (vicodin) but I can survive without it. Yesterday I took it until around 9 p.m. to go to sleep and I was fine all day.

I'll be right back


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